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Community Fridge

Solar Project is in the process of establishing a Community Fridge.

Check this page for updates and read more about our new

Food Share Scheme below!

Help us reduce
food waste!

We are excited to announce that Tiree’s Solar food project has teamed up with our local Co-op to help reduce food waste.

Every so often, the Co-op has excess fresh produce that they have been unable to sell in-store. These products can be safely stored or frozen in our new, monitored Solar fridge and freezer at the Business Centre for use at a later date.

If you would like to offer a home for some of this food, you can register to ‘Opt-In’ to this Food Share scheme. This means that you will be offered some of this produce when it becomes available.

To take advantage of this, please contact us either by text, phone or e mail.


All messages are confidential.

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